Your Vote Can Make a World of Difference for Animals


At Humane Dominion, we believe voting is one of the most powerful tools citizens have to make positive changes for animals.  From wildlife policy, to puppy mill standards to farm animal protection, change for animals often starts on Election Day. On Friday, September 18, absentee voting for the November election begins in Virginia, so you can cast your ballot in-person or by mail starting on that date.

In Virginia, we know from recent experience that just one vote can make a difference in who wins an election. To best help animals, we need animal-friendly legislators in office. Research the positions of candidates on our issues. If you don’t know where they stand, write and email and ask! They want you to know their positions on issues, especially before an election. If you’re not sure who your legislator is, you can find out here. Along with President and Vice-President, your U.S. Senator and U.S Congressional Representative are up for election this year.

You can register to vote, check your registration status, find your polling place, or apply for a mail-in ballot by going to the Citizen Portal on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Key dates related to the election are below.  For more information, visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Your vote can make a world of difference for animals.  Please use it to help. 


September 18 (Friday)

  • Absentee voting begins (in person and mail-in)

October 13 (Tuesday)

  • Last day to register to vote (or update an existing registration)

October 23 (Friday)

  • Last day to request an absentee ballot  be mailed to you (by 5 pm)

October 31 (Saturday)

  • Last day to vote absentee in person (by 5 pm)
  • Last day to go, in person, to request an absentee ballot (by 5 pm)

November 3 (Tuesday)

  • ELECTION DAY - Polls open from 6 am to 7 pm
  • Anyone in line at 7 pm can vote
  • Last day to return mail-in ballot (must be postmarked by 7 pm on November 3 and arrive by 12 pm on November 6)

November 6 (Friday)

  • If you mailed your ballot, it must arrive by 12 pm to count




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