Exciting Changes for Humane Dominion

We’re excited to announce that Humane Dominion and the Humane Society Legislative Fund are joining forces. Our efforts to protect animals from harm through political advocacy and engagement have long been shared, and we are proud to continue this important mission.

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Humane Dominion Endorses Candidates for Virginia Executive Office

Today, Humane Dominion, Virginia’s only political action committee (PAC) dedicated to making the Commonwealth a safer, more humane place for animals, is pleased to announce its endorsement of two statewide candidates for office:

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Keep Animals in Mind at the Ballot Box

Today, April 23, 2021, early voting begins for the Democratic primaries for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, as well as the Democratic and Republic primaries for the Virginia House of Delegates. Before you vote, know where your state legislators stand on animal protection issues!

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2021 Session: An Update at the Halfway Point

There was a lot of great news for animals out of the Virginia General Assembly this week! And we have officially reached “crossover,” the point at which bills that passed the Senate move to the House and vice versa. 



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‘Tis the Season To Be….Preparing for the 2021 Legislative Session!

As visions of sugarplums are dancing in some heads this season, Humane Dominion is hard at work getting ready for our 2021 Virginia legislative session. Our Legislative Leaders program, under the direction of Molly Armus, is now 20-plus members strong.

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Your Vote Can Make a World of Difference for Animals


At Humane Dominion, we believe voting is one of the most powerful tools citizens have to make positive changes for animals.  From wildlife policy, to puppy mill standards to farm animal protection, change for animals often starts on Election Day. On Friday, September 18, absentee voting for the November election begins in Virginia, so you can cast your ballot in-person or by mail starting on that date.

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And the Survey Says . . .

We have many more opportunities to help animals through legislation in the Virginia General Assembly than we have the resources to do so. Humane Dominion is hard at work this summer organizing our Legislative Leaders Program, identifying legislative champions and prioritizing issues for the next legislative term, beginning in January 2021. Before finalizing our agenda, we reached out to you, our supporters, for your ideas on which initiatives are most important.

Not surprisingly, our respondents felt strongly that legislation to shut down the sale of puppy mill puppies and better regulating large farm animal operations were most important. Supporters also feel that we should do a better job supporting Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) programs for outdoor cats and push for non-lethal management methods for wildlife. We couldn’t agree more!


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New Laws for Animals Take Effect!

July 1 is a big day in Virginia, because it marks the date when legislation passed in the prior session of the Virginia General Assembly typically becomes law.

This year, we have a number of victories to celebrate. 

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Transitions at Humane Dominion

Humane Dominion transitioned this winter to new leadership.  We thank Reasa Currier for her many years of dedicated service to our organization. Reasa is staying on to help our board through our transition and beyond. I am grateful to Reasa and the board for their confidence in electing me as the new President and Gillian McPhee as our Treasurer. I come to this position after more than a quarter-century in animal protection policy work at the local, state and federal level. I’ve lived, worked and raised my family in Virginia for over 40 years. You can read more about both Gillian and me in the “About Us” tab.

Virginia Victories for Animals

The 2020 session of the General Assembly brought some significant victories for animals. As your new Humane Dominion President, I started the session tracking 29 animal protection-related bills. I came to the session ready to focus on better protections for puppy mill dogs and finish the work we started last year to restrict tethering dogs, and to push further to help animals used in research. In addition, we wielded enough power to kill several initiatives that, either directly or indirectly, could have done significant harm to animals. One bill tried to give the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries no option except to kill any bear caught damaging crops. We helped kill it. Another bill would have required hunters to use lethal lead bullets. We’ve been fighting for over 30 years to outlaw the use of lead in ammunition as it’s a toxic metal that leaches into the soil or the food chain and is responsible for poisoning both people and wildlife. By being in Richmond and working with legislators and other animal protection lobbyists we were able to head off this legislation before it even reached a hearing.

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