Why Do Virginia’s Animals Need a PAC?

Why Do Virginia’s Animals Need a PAC?

As animal lovers, we all share a desire to make Virginia and beyond a better place for animals. From the companion animals we consider family members, to the majestic horses who roam our countryside, to the abundant and beautiful wildlife sharing our forests, fields and waterways, we share a commitment to making Virginia a more humane place for them all.

As you know, there are many ways to do this. Animal shelters and rescue groups are necessities, taking in our unwanted companion animals and giving them the second chances they deserve. Wildlife rehabilitative centers give injured and sick wild animals the chance to return to their native environments. Horse lovers and rescue organizations take in thousands of horses every year, discarded from racing, work, or just no longer wanted. As a result, thousands of animals go on to live safe, healthy, happy lives.

However, many animals are still suffering across the Commonwealth. And the suffering will continue until more humane laws are enacted preventing the abuse that so many animals still endure. All the rescue and rehabilitative efforts in the world will not prevent needless suffering — only humane laws will.

Animal welfare is not independent of the political process. We, and the animals we love, live in a world that is governed by rules and decisions that are made by lawmakers. Humane Dominion is committed to ensuring the election and/or re-election of humane lawmakers. We do this in two ways: First, we educate voters on the voting records of elected officials on humane bills so that animal lovers know whom to support when going to the polls. Second, we raise funds to support the campaigns of lawmakers who have pledged to make Virginia a humane place for animals. Humane Dominion is the only PAC (political action committee) for animals in Virginia. We do what rescue groups and shelters cannot.

Contributing to Humane Dominion creates a stronger, more collective source of support (combined contributions) for humane lawmakers.  A PAC contribution that comes on behalf of a large number of animal lovers has more of an impact than one individual’s contribution to the campaign. Virginia lawmakers are growing increasingly aware of their constituents’ passion, interest, and commitment to animal welfare. They are paying greater attention to the voting power of animal lovers — and certainly their financial contributions.

This is why Virginia’s animals need a PAC. Together, we can harness our collective love and commitment to animals and elect humane lawmakers who in turn will enact humane laws. It’s that simple. Please join the Humane Dominion movement. Let’s make a difference today for Virginia’s animals.

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