Virginia is for [Animal] Voters

Virginia is for [Animal] Voters

This year, Virginia is the epi-center of political activism. It is one of only two statewide elections in the country and the only one with significant national attention. All 100 House of Delegates seats are up for grabs this November 7th as are the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

Humane Dominion has friends on both sides of the aisle.  For example, Attorney General Mark Herring, running for a second term, is deeply committed to our cause. In the General Assembly, Republicans now hold a 66-34 majority. In the wake of the presidential election, however, and the grassroots activism that followed, an unprecedented number of Democrats are contesting these seats. This churning has raised the stakes in this campaign and is pushing the candidates to make their positions clear. Advocates for a variety of causes are out in record numbers canvassing, phone banking and fundraising for candidates committed to their issues.

Humane Dominion is active as well, working to identify and endorse the most animal-friendly candidates. We all need to act now to support the campaigns of the elected friends we have and to help unseat those officials who have voted against the interests of animals. You can help by checking the voting record of your Virginia delegate – click here to view our 2017 Humane Voting Record. If your delegate voted with us, volunteer with their campaign and make sure they know you’re lending a hand because you support positions on animal legislation. If your representative was not supportive, contact their challenger. Ask about their position on puppy mills, tethering, intensive farming and other issues that concern you. Offer to provide more information on our priorities. If you like what you hear, volunteer to help and ask three friends to volunteer as well. Post the candidate’s answers on your social media feed and ask your friends to share.

Now is when we plant the seeds for a successful legislative session, for a sympathetic governor to sign new laws and a compassionate Attorney General to enforce them. Virginia is for [animal] voters and now is a great time get involved.

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