Support Us

There is more than one way to support Humane Dominion and demonstrate your commitment to protecting all of God’s creatures.

Make a Donation
The single biggest way Humane Dominion improves the lives of animals is by supporting the leaders in Virginia’s General Assembly who value all living things. We look for allies who understand that honoring man’s dominion over animals is noble work. When you make a gift to Humane Dominion, we turn around and use those funds to support the political leaders who we know will use their votes and their voices to advocate for all living things in the years ahead.

Attend an Event
We go out of our way to tell you about all the animal-friendly events happening in the Commonwealth. Some of them will help you support Humane Dominion and our advocacy work; other events are just plain fun to attend!

Write Your Legislator
The only way your representatives in the General Assembly know how you feel about issues that matter to animals is if you tell them. We’ll give you the information you need to build a strong case for the protection of all God’s creatures.

Recruit Others
If you think Humane Dominion is the missing piece of the animal welfare puzzle, tell your friends. Nothing helps us grow like finding new supporters who are as compassionate as you are.

Share an Animal’s Story
Our message is so much more powerful when we can tell real stories about man’s complex and beautiful relationship with animals. There are merciful people across Virginia who are making good and just decisions to benefit animals and we want to celebrate those stories. Tell us yours.