Mission and Guiding Principles


To educate our fellow citizens and their elected representatives on how the choices we make through our government impact the humane treatment of Virginia’s animals.

To advocate for protection and humane treatment of Virginia’s animals, guided by mercy, compassion and our common humanity.

Guiding Principles

Whether in the field, the forest, or on the factory farm, all animals are deserving of our compassion and mercy.

Throughout our Commonwealth’s history, the people of Virginia have chosen to form one of the strongest cruelty codes in the country; establishing a number of humane principles in statute, and banning egregious acts of cruelty to animals. The overwhelming majority of Virginians support these and other humane laws and practices.

Here in the Dominion State, the protection and humane treatment of Virginia’s animals is a part of our heritage. We must work together to make sure it will be a part of our future.

As animal lovers, we join together to work through advocacy and education toward this more humane future for the Dominion State.