About Us

What is Humane Dominion?

Humane Dominion is a Political Action Committee (PAC) founded in 2012 by three friends who were guided by their faith in Christ and inspired by their compassion towards animals. Our vision is to promote the humane treatment of Virginia’s animals and be a catalyst for change by responding to God’s call to protect all of his creation. At the core of our organization, is the belief that every voice counts. So, we work closely with elected officials, within the Christian community, and with voters to make sure every voice is heard, even the silent ones.

Why do Virginia’s animals need Humane Dominion?

Every day in the Virginia General Assembly, PACs represent special interest groups seeking to promote their mission and agenda. PACs are incredibly influential in policy making as these organizations not only engage in legislative advocacy, but can endorse political candidates and make financial contributions to campaigns. Thus, PACs can steward political leadership on behalf of their special interests. This is an important tool that all major special interest groups use in advancing for their goals, yet before Humane Dominion, Virginia’s animals were unrepresented.

Why do we need political leaders to work on behalf of animals?

Every day in our Commonwealth animals suffer egregious forms of cruelty, whether in puppy mills or at the hands of cruel abusers. We can’t simply rescue our way out of this problem. To prevent and reduce these acts of cruelty, the animals need stronger laws, and to enact them, there must be an organization dedicated to educating our lawmakers and stewarding political leadership to advance animal protection policies. Humane Dominion is the critically missing piece in the landscape of the animal protection movement and will complement and leverage the efforts of existing rescue groups, 501(c)3s and law enforcement efforts. Now our Virginia elected officials will have a unified voice to educate and guide policy making decisions that affect animals.

We need YOU!

Humane Dominion is only as strong as its resources and membership. Please help us spread the word about our mission and contribute however you can, either financially or through volunteerism. There are so many opportunities to get involved!